Stocking Fashionable Frames In Your Opticians: Trends You Need To Know About

When owning an optician store, it is essential that you keep up to date with the latest trends in eyewear. Stocking fashionable frames will get customers through your door, which is essential for business. Below we take a look at the trends in 2022 you need to know about.

Geometric Shapes

As glasses become more popular, many companies are making frames in all shapes and sizes. Geometric shapes can add a bit of flair to any style and are great for the hip and trendy glasses wearer. International Eyewear stocks an eyewear brand for every trend, including geometric shapes. They always stay current with eyeglasses trends, meaning you can purchase fashionable frames for 2022, all in one place.

Round Frames

Round framed glasses have become increasingly popular over the last few years and this trend is not going anywhere in 2022. People love the vintage style that round frames bring, with many frames coming with a modern twist. These frames are often labelled as “hipster,” as they depict an artistic and urban culture. Round frames are a big hit with men and women alike and with many different sizes, there is a style to suit every face shape.

Transparent Frames

A big trend coming back this year is transparent glasses. They are chic, stylish, and minimalistic, which is a big vibe for the younger generation. For women, sporting a pair of transparent glasses with a light makeup look can really compliment their style. Knowing how to style these glasses and who suits them best can help with targeting sales.

Bright and Colourful

Every optician store needs a range of bright and colourful frames for those who want to make a fashion statement every day. No matter what your age, experimenting with some bright frames can add a splash of colour and some fun to your day. Find frames that have interesting and eye-catching patterns if you want your store displays to stand out from the crowd.

Oversized Frames

Oversized everything is back from t-shirts to glasses; this is another big trend in 2022. Oversized frames have always been a common choice, and if you do not already stock them, you are missing a huge market. These are an excellent choice for glasses wearers who have always worn small or plain frames and want to completely change up their look.

Micro Cat-Eye Frames

Big frames are not the only thing worth investing in for 2022. As you may be aware, the biggest movements from the nineties are all making a comeback, with micro cat-eye glasses being one of them. Sometimes less is more and this trend is back in full force. These are the perfect fashionable glasses for those who love to turn heads.

Keeping up with trends is the best way to stock frames that people want. From geometric shapes to oversized frames, the above is a list of the 2022 trends you need to know about for stocking fashionable frames in your opticians.