Home Improvements that could affect Your House Value Positively

Homeowners are generally always keeping an eye on their home value and most years the value of homes increase. This is not always the case and the more that people do to take care of their home but continuously improve it, will clearly help the case in terms of increasing the value. Some people are under the illusion that massive projects need to be undertaken to increase the value, but this does not need to be the case – there are generally some simple things that can be done.

Convert the Garage

It is unusual for a homeowner to use their garage to store their motor vehicle. The vast majority of people will use this to store items and sometimes trash.  This is space that is under utilised and could be used for something far more productive.  Converting the garage to a room may sound like a major project but it is not really.   The structures of a room will already exist, but it may need lighting, flooring, heating etc.  The connections for these can generally be run from the main home and can be installed without too much hassle.  People will convert these garages to all types of rooms which could include a bedroom, games room or study.  The price of completing this will normally be offset by the house valuation increase.

Roofing Upgrade

If you own a home that is many years old, then it is worth keeping an eye on the roofing in case it needs replaced. As much as we would like to think roofs will last forever, unfortunately, they are sometimes subject to much abuse through storms and clogged gutters where they can incur a lot of damage. Visit cvcpdx.com to know how clogged gutters can affect your roof. Having a completely new roof installed in the home will give any potential home buyer the reassurance that there should be no or little issues in this respect.  Residential roofing services in Orlando are a company that have a great reputation for completing this at very competitive prices.  The Orlando Roofing Company have a great history of experience in this field and the work they do will definitely add value to the home. 

Garden Upgrade

More and more people are now beginning to work at home and as a result, they are looking to spend more time in the garden. This is a great excuse to see how this can be improved and ultimately add the value to the home.  People with very basic D.I.Y skills could look to complete this sort of activity as the task may not be too challenging.  This could include looking at laying a new patio or laying decking.  These seem to be popular projects.  If not confident, then do not risk doing this and compromising on quality – get a qualified tradesman to support this.


There will be loads of other things that could be done to increase the house value and these are just a few suggestions. Some even consider expanding their living room to enhance their living space and install screened porches that is insect-proof and cozy.  Even if you are not planning to immediately sell your home, taking note of these activities will make your home a far happier place to live in.