A Guide To Introducing Your Children To The World Of DIY

The younger we learn skills, the more receptive we are at keeping those skills alive as we get older. If you want your kids to be crafty, this article explores how to introduce your children to the world of DIY.

Painting And Decorating

Painting can be a lot of fun for a little one and is a great way to get them used to DIY and bolster their creativity. Get them to help with all aspects of room prepping, such as covering furniture and cleaning. This will teach them valuable skills for when they have their own home.

For bigger painting jobs, you may need to hire a painting contractor. For painters in Chattanooga who pride themselves on a family-centered approach to painting, consider Croxall Painting. They respect your home, family life, and the experience that having strangers in the home can bring. Working with a company like this can teach your child the value of working with great contractors for jobs that can’t be done alone.

Build DIY Toys

If your child isn’t quite at the age where they can help with jobs in the house, building DIY toys can get them to grips with the basics for when they’re older. For little ones, save bubble wrap from parcels and lay it on a flat, durable surface. Give them a rubber mallet and teach them how to “hammer” by popping bubbles.  If your child isn’t quite at the age where they can help with jobs in the house, building DIY toys can get them to grips with the basics for when they’re older – Utah commercial contractors suggest letting older kids assist with small projects like painting a room or building a birdhouse.

You can also utilize an old piece of wood to practice hammering nails. Use roofing nails, as these have large heads which make it easier for first-time DIY-ers. Drill holes for screws so your child can get practicing with different tools. This will give them hours of fun. Provide them with a helmet and safety goggles to keep them protected and explain the importance of safety when carrying out DIY tasks.

Enroll Them In A DIY Class

There are plenty of child-friendly DIY classes out there that are suitable for all age ranges. Check out the programs available in your child’s school, such as woodworking or construction, and encourage them to join. Remember to lead by example when introducing them to DIY too. If they see you working away at your station, they are more likely to want to join a class and do the same.

Let Your Child Fix Things With You

If you have a list of jobs to do around the house, let your kids join in. Even if they can’t provide much help, just allowing them to observe and pass the right tools can be enough. You would be surprised how much kids take in just by watching their parents.

It doesn’t matter if they do a bad job and you have to go over it, they’ll never learn if they don’t get an opportunity. Praise them for their help and give constructive feedback that’ll help them grow their skills in the future.

Introduce your child to the world of DIY through painting and decorating, building DIY toys, and letting them fix things around the home with you. Enrolling them in a DIY class is another way to improve their skills and show them how fun it can be to make things with your own two hands.