7 Sharp Design Ideas for a Bachelor’s Kitchen

Being a bachelor comes with many perks, and one of the best is having your own place and decorating it however you wish. However, decorating your home can be a daunting task. What if you don’t know where to start? What do you do then?

The best answer is to start small — focus on one room first instead of tackling everything. And the first room you can start with is the kitchen.

Here are some design ideas that you can employ for your bachelor’s kitchen.

All-White Kitchen With An Accent Color of Your Choice

One of the most popular design styles for kitchens is a white kitchen dotted with an accent color of your choice (gold is a great choice, but you can choose another color for your accent color).

This design is well-liked for a reason: it looks simple and clean, but at the same time, it exudes an air of elegance. Even better is that it’s easy to shop for kitchen parts in the color white. Many online stores hold a wide selection of white cabinets, so check Best Online Cabinets, and you’ll find ones that you’ll like.

Modern Kitchen With Hardwood Flooring

Another popular theme for kitchens is the modern look with hardwood flooring. This theme features stainless steel appliances, white accents, and hardwood floors, and so it perfectly combines contemporary technology with a more natural and earthy feel.

As such, this aesthetic is perfect if you want to make your kitchen look homey and trendy at the same time.

Metallic Modern Kitchen

Hardwood floors make kitchens look warm and cozy, but not all people prefer them. And so, if you like the previous idea — minus the hardwood flooring — you’re free to take it out of the equation. For that reason, you can choose to have a modern kitchen with all metallic appliances and sleek white accents.

This look will definitely make your kitchen feel like it belongs in a professional restaurant, so if this is your vibe, you should try it out.

Hollywood-Inspired Contemporary Kitchen

With this particular theme, you get to utilize floor-to-ceiling glass windows, thus making the kitchen look open and dramatic. This is a popular design choice for many Hollywood homes as it allows for a better indoor-to-outdoor entertaining flow.

An Explosion of Colors

Are you sick of only having one color for your kitchen? Then get rid of that color and employ all sorts of different ones. Having an explosion of colors will definitely make your kitchen stand out, and being in it will immediately brighten your day.

A Mix of Textures

Sticking to only one kind of texture makes your kitchen look clean, but you don’t have to adhere strictly to that rule. Instead, you can choose to have a variety of textures — e.g., a stone wall, wood ceiling light fixture, and a glass tabletop.

Mixing textures adds a flair of uniqueness to your kitchen, thus elevating the experience even further.

Minimalist Kitchen

The final design choice featured in this post is to implement a minimalist theme.

The primary principle of minimalism is to remove all clutter, so you should install innovative storage solutions for your kitchen equipment. Additionally, minimalism celebrates the refinement of natural materials, so using concrete and wood for your kitchen is the way to go.



Designing the kitchen of your bachelor’s place is no easy task. And so, you should consider the design ideas mentioned above. Hopefully, you’ll discover an idea that inspires you to transform your kitchen into the room you want it to be.