Features That Every Generator Buyer Must Consider

Of course, a generator makes up for an economical solution when it comes to utility backup during blackouts or brownouts. But, not all generators make up the same to the user. Depending on the usability and the requirement, different gen-sets are available in the market.

That being said, it can still be overwhelming for the buyers when it comes to deciding the right features. In fact, different makes and models also vary in terms of additional features, apart from the power output and the budget aspects. While most of the additional features may be there to improve the efficiency of the equipment, others simply improve user experience.

In this article, you shall find some of the features that you should consider when buying a backup generator.

Ideal Operational Time

Particularly, if you are living in an area where power failures are too common and frequent, you may require to run your generator for hours in continuation. Besides, several industries also need to run their gen-sets for long hours, during power shedding. However, when a generator is being used for long, its efficiency tends to reduce as the engine turns hotter and hotter. For this reason, several manufacturers include cooling systems to their equipment, for increasing the operational time. In short, you must look at how long you can use your generator in continuity before it needs to be cooled off.

Noise It Creates

Older generators usually produce loud noises which are, of course, unpleasant to ears. In fact, government agencies also impose laws to ensure that generators do not create noise pollution. For this reason, it is necessary to take a look at the decibel value of your generator before you buy it. According to the experts at Krugerpower, modern generators usually come with a decibel rating of 75 or less. This is because anything above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. So, when you’re studying your options for the best buy, you must also consider the noise factor or the decibel rating of your generator.

Portability Or Mobility

Of course, when you’re looking for a generator that you can carry along with you, a portable one makes for better suitability. There can be several instances when you may need to power up a gadget or an appliance but you can’t connect to the grid. For example, if you’re on a camping trip, there are chances that you may not find a power outlet in the middle of the jungle. A portable generator would make for a better option during such scenarios. Similarly, when you’re using a power tool, say an electric saw at a construction site or your backyard, quite possibly connecting to the grid is not an option. In such scenarios, a portable generator is your best bet. And of course, the lightweight dress of the equipment would add to its portability. Besides, you can look for generators that come with trolleys or attached wheels as they can make moving around the generator a lot easier.

Durability Through Toughest Conditions

It is needless to say that you would be pushing your equipment to its limits when in use. For example, you would surely be running your generator at its maximum load from time and again. Likewise, you would also be testing your equipment through various weather conditions. To make this point, consider a situation when you experience a power cut during a storm. Of course, you would be using your backup generator, regardless of if it is portable or standby. And you surely wouldn’t want to be buying a piece of equipment that shall fail under harsh conditions. So, undoubtedly you must look for a durable piece of equipment when looking for the right generator to buy.

Automatic Power Optimization

Most of the modern gen-sets are made to adjust according to the load. In other words, a generator would produce voltages needed by the load only. Such automatic loading features improve the overall fuel efficiency of the generator. Besides, for industrial applications, particularly, repetitive loading and unloading on the generators are quite common during intermittent production cycles. It also poses a breakdown threat on the generator due to sudden surge or decline in the load. So, the next necessary feature that you can look for is automatic power adjustments in the generator.

Smart Controllers

One of the most remarkable features that modern diesel generators offer is smart controllers. There are automatic switchover features, engine oil level sensors, and signals for all sorts of faults in the engine. From overheating to the breakage of any internal component, modern generators have sensors in place to detect all. In fact, some modern generators can also be connected with your smartphone via WiFi. Such smart control features are sure to help you maintain your dearest piece of equipment in its best condition. You can receive instant notifications for any problem or warnings if something goes wrong. Additionally, you can also schedule your equipment for regular maintenance checks if needed. All in all, smart controllers are there to make your life easier and improve your experience with the generator. So, if you’re willing to spend some extra money, but dearly wish for such smart controls in your piece of equipment then make sure you enquire about such features before buying.

Whether you’re buying a generator for your factory or for your tiny house, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Power output, type of fuel, and of course, suitability are some of the primary concerns. But having additional features can make your purchase all the more worthwhile and ease your efforts. For example, if you choose to buy a generator that could start automatically, you would surely be at peace whenever there’s a power cut. After all, you won’t need to rush to your generator and swing the crank arm. Likewise, there are many features that you can look forward to. The only thing that can stop you from including as many features as you want is your budget, so do not miss out on your budget planning. Rest assured, you can still buy some of the basic features along with some value-added ones within whatever budget bracket you decide.