What To Expect With Your First Dab Session

Your first dab session can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. It could be a feeling you may have never experienced before, even if you are a regular cannabis user with other products or methods. The product is different, the accessories are more complicated, and the technique is not even close to anything you have done before. It is natural to feel apprehensive and nervous, but the incredible experience makes it worthwhile. It makes sense to set clear expectations from the start so that you can avoid the apprehensions and have the best experience with your first dab. Let us share some insights on what you can expect with your first session.

Concentrates can be hard-hitting

You may be seasoned with smoking and vaping or have good tolerance levels with edibles. But concentrates can be really hard-hitting because they are pure cannabis, minus the plant matter. A small dab of concentrate can be a lot stronger than your regular dose of flower, tincture, or edible. Ensure that you are careful with your first dose because it may hit you a lot harder than you expect. Just a little can take you a long way, so start with only the smallest quantity of concentrate. You can increase it a bit with your subsequent sessions, but the first time needs extra caution.

The equipment can look complicated

Dabbing is a lot more work than just rolling a joint or filling a pipe to take your first aromatic puff. It is easy to be overwhelmed with your first experience with dab rigs because they can look super-complicated to a beginner. You have to be cautious as you heat the rig, take the dab, and clean off your equipment. Managing the temperature is vital because optimal ones promise the best flavor. The ideal way to start is by watching an expert and getting some training from them. You will realize that it isn’t as complex as you imagined, and you will master the rig sooner rather than later with some advice and tips from a seasoned dabber.

You will have the munchies

Most first-time dabbers report the munchies, so have lots of snacks at hand before you get down with your first session. You will feel good first, and then thirsty and hungry. Staying hydrated will help you deal with the feeling better. Stick to plain water and nutritious snacks and you will be able to handle the munchies better while having a good time. Avoid mixing with alcohol because cannabis doesn’t make a good companion with alcohol. Taking a break between sessions is a good idea if you feel that it is acting too fast. If done right, you will probably love the experience so much that dabbing will be your favorite method of cannabis consumption ahead.

Now that you know what to expect with your first dabbing experience, you can go ahead with more confidence and fewer apprehensions. Just pick a quality product and start small, and you will have a great time.