What To Do With Your Son When He Turns 18

For us capable men, having a son is one of the most exiting prospects to come in life and one that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Witnessing them growing into an adult and turning 18 is one of the proudest moments of a man’s life and that very special milestone can be marked with many multiple occasions, some of which we will go over today.

Of course, the first thing of your sons mind will be going to get his first legal pint from either a pub or a bar, and they’ll be wanting to share that with their dad. This is a moment that the Father and Son combination has been waiting for for some time and certainly will be one to remember. Even nicer when your son can finally buy you a pint as well for once in a while? We are excited to hear about the next morning about their first legal hangover also!

Another fun thing to do is to take them to a live sporting event seeing as though it’s one of the more manly things to do for a Father Son combo, especially around their 18th birthday. Our choice would be going to the football and seeing some of the biggest stars pit against themselves. Another fun activity to do whilst watching live sport and also only available when you turn 18 is that of sports betting if done in proportion, betting sites not on gamstop can be found here and are currently offering some of the best odds on the widest various of sports.

Tattoos have always swung opinion one of either two ways; one opinion which totally detest them and another which can’t get enough of them. If you son is mad into tattoo’s then taking him for his first on his 18th birthday might be an idea that he will remember for the rest of his life. Moreover, if you are up for it also, gaining a matching tattoo with him will also give you something that has sentimental value behind it – a lovely idea in our opinion.

And finally, when turning 18, you can actually sign up for schemes that will better the health of others and that is becoming a blood or even organ donor. Although these might seem like something you would never think of doing, advising your son to donate blood every year can seriously save someone’s life, and even with becoming an organ donor, you can be used in the afterlife to continue to save lives – a special thing to do.