Turmeric Australia: Discover the Wonders of the Golden Spice

Also known as the “Indian Saffron,” you will seldom find an Indian dish untouched by the medicinal perennial – turmeric. Donning the finest yellow, orange, or burgundy, the turmeric spice has been crowned by Ayurveda as the doctor needing no license or degree.

Is it not marvellous that as your tastebuds awaken with style, your body detoxes through this cleanser of an herb? Turmeric Australia, sourced from the finest organic farms of Kerala, can be more than just the next dish enhancer.

This guide discusses the wonders of the golden spice.

Turmeric: Why it’s Truly Gold

In 2020 (since the pandemic disrupted the world), Australia has become the 17th largest importer of turmeric in the world. More and more Aussies are waking up to the world of wonders hidden within the golden-hued rhizome. Let’s see the top health benefits of turmeric.

Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s immune response to irritants or threats. While this is a normal (even good) reaction, with your body crying for help, prolonged periods of inflammation may make the immune system awry. With that come diseases such as arthritis, ulcerative colitis, cancer, and more.

The active component in turmeric Australia, called curcumin, has anti-inflammatory compounds. Studies have found that standardized curcumin can bring down inflammation within eight to 12 weeks of ingestion.

The same is also an anti-oxidant and can treat oxidative stress – a mild form of inflammation.

Promotes Weight Loss

Obesity is not a trivial issue. It may lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. While exercising and maintaining a good diet are essentials, have you considered how a little turmeric a day can keep obesity at bay?

Yes! Tufts University agrees that turmeric can help shrink that belly fat. It does so by suppressing the growth of fat tissue. The spice also helps build insulin resistance, thus regulating sugar levels. This further dissolves excess fat.

Acts as a Blood Thinner

Everyone has experienced blood clotting. It is a life-saving phenomenon occurring when platelets clog to a wounded site to facilitate repair. Without the wonder of a blood clot, minor paper cuts could become catastrophic.

However, some people experience excessive clotting, called haemophilia, which can be life-threatening. It could lead to heart strokes, blockages, etc. Thankfully, turmeric is a potent natural blood thinner whose regular consumption can prevent excessive clotting.

Improves Cognitive Function

Curcumin is also highly beneficial in boosting memory and removing brain fog in adults. This happens in two ways – DHA synthesis is improved, critical to brain health, and neuroplasticity improves, which helps the brain form new synaptic connections.

Various studies have also found that turmeric can slow down the degradation of nerve cells caused due to Alzheimer’s. People between 70 and 79 in India have a 4.4 times lower incidence of developing AD than in other parts of the world.

Next Time, Grab a Turmeric-Spiced Latte

Other than the benefits mentioned above, turmeric can also improve skin health, lower bad cholesterol, help improve asthma and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is truly the wonder spice.

Turmeric Australia is available in various forms – powder, capsule, and even energy bars! Just a grab on-the-go can help maintain your body’s optimal health. Since health is wealth, why not, right?

Author: Sylvia James