The 6 best things to do in Bali

Are you tired of Bali? This list contains the top 10 things to do to ensure you get the most out of Bali without becoming too bored or sick of Bali. Visit the Bali beach resort for a start.

Bingin beach

One activity you can’t miss in Bali is finding yourself at one of Bali’s beautiful beaches. The perfect destination for this is Bingin Beach, which stretches about 3km along Bali’s southwest coast. Cars are not allowed on the beach so getting there by foot, bicycle or motorbike is more relaxing and fun.

When arriving at the beach, set up shop in a quiet spot with some friends and relax to the sound of crashing waves while enjoying some snacks and drinks brought from home. Another great thing about Bali beaches is that lifeguards are stationed here, making it safer to go out in the water and swim or surf.

Bali bird park

There is a lot of fun to be had at Bali’s beautiful Bali Bird Park. With over 1,500 birds on display from around the world, including rare Bali starlings, eagles and owls (to name but a few), this park will keep you occupied for hours with its information boards, feeding sessions and shows.

The best times to visit are early morning or during feeding time between 11 am-3 pm daily, where birds swoop down for food right in front of your eyes. If you don’t know much about birds, you can get an information sheet from the Bali Bird Park to learn about your favourite bird.

Bali safari & Bali sea turtle sanctuary

Bali’s Safari and Marine Park is home to many exotic animal species, such as tigers, lions, crocodiles and a Bali starling aviary. The park has rides like a roller coaster and boat ride, which guarantees fun for all ages and interests. For those who love animals (or would like an excuse to get out of doing the dishes.), the Bali Sea Turtle Sanctuary is within walking distance of Bali’s beautiful beach at Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua.

Come here for regular guided walks through the mangroves, where you will be able to see Bali’s protected marine life, including Bali starling hatchlings, turtles and sharks.

Bali swing

Bali isn’t all beaches and animals. Bali is known throughout the world for its beautiful modern cities, filled with street art, delicious restaurants serving Bali cuisine and, of course, shopping. If you get tired of lounging around on Bali’s stunning beaches, then another great place to visit would be Bali’s only swing park located in Kuta at Jalan Padma Utara II/60, where people young and old will have fun swinging just like Tarzan over Bintang trees.

A perfect spot to hang out with your friends or family while enjoying some fresh air away from the busy streets.

Bali culture

Bali is famous worldwide for its unique Hindu Bali culture, which you can also see while visiting Bali. Experience Bali’s rich tradition by visiting Batubulan to watch some traditional Balinese dances or visit temples like Tanah Lot, Bajra Sandhi and Pura Luhur Uluwatu, where you will be surrounded by beautiful architecture, historical artefacts and Balinese art (including Bali’s famous paintings and wood carvings).

You can even do a tour of Bali with an experienced guide who will take you through all the best clothes shops, restaurants and attractions in Bala.

Sun Mountain fun park

If your idea of fun is amusement parks, then it would be a shame to come to Bali and not visit Bali’s excellent Sun Mountain Fun Park. Bali’s fun park has over 20 slides, attractions and games, perfect for people of all ages. If you go during Bali’s dry season, you will even experience an incredible thunderstorm that occurs every day at 2:30 pm.

For those looking for something slightly quieter after the excitement of Bala’s fun park, Kintamani is just 30 minutes north of Bali, where you can find beautiful lakes, rice fields and temples surrounded by the spectacular volcanic Mount Batur.