Terpenes – Meaning, What They Do, and Benefits

CBD is a common substance found in cannabis plants. Therefore, it’s common to hear about this substance often. Diving deep into this world of different concentrated components exposes you to varying terms, including – Indica, Sativa, wax, buds, terpenes, and much more. These are nothing but yet another form or type of compound belonging to the cannabis family.

In this regard, we are going to bring ‘terpenes’ into the limelight for today. We doubt if you know this or not. If not, here is everything you should know. Let’s dig into the details –

Terpenes – Introduction

Terpenes are some highly popular chemical compounds extracted from animals and plants the most. The reason why people prefer terpenes is their fragrance, colors, flavors, and vegetation process. In context with cannabis, terpenes are something that makes specific strains taste or smell different from the other compounds.

Due to their unique aromatic properties, terpenes are processed into different products, including – pesticides, cleaning agents, dyes, and much more. With all of this, terpenes are highly recommended for their therapeutic properties.

While almost all sorts of cannabis plants contain a good amount of terpenes, some of the highly preferred sources of terpenes include –

  1. Citrus fruits
  2. Cannabis
  3. Aromatic herbs including – thyme, sage, and much more.

What do they do?

Basically, terpenes are meant to preserve plants from any harsh elements like predators or unfavorable weather conditions. As it comes with a highly concentrated aromatic fragrance, there are people who feel it may make them feel high. But that’s merely a myth. Terpenes do not make you feel high anyhow, at least in its traditional sense. It may leave some impact on your brain functioning, but that’s only to put your mind at ease for a while. There are different types of terpene products available in the market for use. From terp sauce to concentrated buds, you can experience anything. Thinking about what is terp sauce, well, it’s a flexible form of terpenes used for different purposes.

Some of the most common types of terpenes and their benefits

#1 – Beta-caryophyllene is one of the major ingredients found in rosemary, cloves, hops, and much more. It is an ideal remedy to soothe depression and anxiety signs. This is likely to show you some impressive results if used in the initial stage.

#2 – Humulene – This form of terpenes is common to be found in ginseng. Ginseng is a commonly used folk medicine releasing energizing effects on the human body for those who don’t know. All you need is to remain concerned about its consumption amount.

#3 – Beta-pinene – Strolling through coniferous forest must have made you smell this type of terpene for sure. It is a potential remedy for anti-cancer issues while working as an amazing antidepressant. The only concern is with its consumption amount.

The final word

Terpenes are yet another type of concentrated compound extracted from cannabis plants. It may consist of a different ratio or concentration level as compared to CBD, but most of the benefits are similar. Moreover, its perks depend on how you consume them