Stop List: What Not to Do After a Breakup

Breakups always make us stressed out. We feel pain, fatigue, lethargy. Sometimes it seems that the world is falling apart. But we can cope with depression and overcome breakup. You should know what not to do after a goodbye. If you don’t do it, you will feel worse.

After a breakup, you may allow yourself to relax and delegate some tasks to someone. For example you can check Tips for Working Students. You’ll definitely find out about some interesting ways to unwind and get rid of stress.

Also, get to know about some things you shouldn’t do after a breakup. Let’s dive in.

Contact With Your Ex

Any contact with your ex reinforces your attachment. Therefore, avoid communication with him. If it’s necessary to ask him about something, ask someone else to do it. Any message or call from you to him and vice versa will force you to remember all the time we spent together. As a result, you will think about your relationship again and again.

Ask Anyone About Your Ex

When you want to forget your boyfriend, you should hear no news about him. Any information about him reinforces thoughts about your relationship.

What to do? Think about your own life. Achieve your goals or let you dream. Fill your head with thoughts about your success at a job. Go out with your friends. Do all to forget your ex.

Eat Your Emotions

Heartbreak is stress for our body. Therefore, there’s no shock in eating depression.

How does it work? When we are stressed out, our body feels danger. It seems to it that it dies soon or may die. To escape from danger, it starts to stock up on food to have power. This process is subconscious, but it’s our nature.

What to do? Instead of eating a lot, try to do sport or go for a walk with your friends. Do physical activity. That way, you kill two birds with one stone — burn fat, and prevent illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Also, doing physical activity, you boost your confidence. Try it!

Look at His Photos, Love Notes, and Read Messages

These days are over. Snap out of them! Don’t try to go back in the past via his photos, love notes, messages on social media. Normally, you can’t forget him for the first time, but why remember him specially?

Ask yourself such questions: does he think about you all of the time? Does he look at your photos or read your messages? If the answer is no, you should stop to remember him. Don’t suffer needlessly. Think about it.

If the answer is yes, think about a comeback. If we both think about each other, your relationship still has a sense.

Stalk Your Ex On Social Media

It’s not a good idea to stalk your ex on social media. Firstly, people post on their social media happy moments and achievements. No doubt that your ex also feels sad as you, but will he demonstrate it on Facebook or Instagram?

The next time you want to stalk your ex, ask yourself such questions: what I want to see on his page? His new girlfriend? Or maybe his new job? Do I want to see he is happy or maybe exhausted? Answer honestly.

What to do? Get a life. Take care of your success. You should wait out the period after the breakup because you will want to see how your ex-partner lives. But you shouldn’t see his pages on social media. As a result, you forget him.

Rush Into Another Relationship

After a breakup, you will feel a void in your soul. It’s normal. But it’s crucial how you fill this void. You shouldn’t do it by helping a new boyfriend because of two reasons.

The first. You should date this boyfriend for several months to understand what kind of person he is. If you rush into a new relationship just after you broke up, it’s possible that you mistakenly choose an infantile gambler. You’ll swear a lot due to your incompatibility. As a result, you will think about your ex relationship because it was a time when all was good compared to the current dating.

The second. If you can’t fill a void in your soul, nobody can do it instead of you. Another person can only help you to deal with suffering. If you can’t do it yourself, it leads to using other people. As a result, all your relationships as ex-partner as current will be a failure.

What to do? There are some tips to cope with the hollowness:

Find a hobby

It will help you to realize that you don’t live needlessly. For example, if you love drawing, your every painting is a creation and self-expression. Maybe your drawings make someone better.

Spend time alone

Make coffee, meditate, or lie in bed. The main feature of this ritual is silence. Be in silence and think about your life, your goals, friends, the list goes on. If you don’t know how to think, just let your thoughts drift. By doing this, you learn how to keep yourself to yourself.

Use these points, and you get a result very soon. Give yourself a little time to heal your wounds. Go out with your friends or focus on your career. Don’t contact your ex. If you do this, you will become even more attached to the person. Let yourself cry because we are humans with emotions and feelings.