Slip and Fall Cases in White Plains: Why Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Records show that White Plains, NY, witnesses over 367 slip and fall accidents annually. Slip and fall cases are considered claims of negligence, also known as tort cases. These personal injury claims happen when someone’s actions result in an injury upon another individual.

Three general slip and fall injuries occur in trip-and-fall accidents, ice or snow accidents, and product defects. These personal injury accidents can happen in many locations, such as restaurants, stores, and public areas.

White Plains residents involved in any slip and fall accident might consider hiring an injury attorney. This way, the victims will help themselves recover their losses through financial compensation and help hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Here are the crucial ways a White Plains Slip and Fall Lawyer can help you:

1. Legal Representation

Legal representation is significant in slip and fall cases, as these types of accidents can sometimes be more complex than other White Plains’ injury claims. The defendant(s) will argue that their actions did not lead to the incident, so they should not have to pay anything.

This situation is where a lawyer becomes essential, as they are the ones who are responsible for persuading the judge or jury that their client is entitled to compensation. You can check out this URL to learn more about how such professionals can help in streamlining legal proceedings.

2. Investigate the Accident

Another job of an accident lawyer is to investigate what exactly took place at the time of your accident.

They will look into all possible angles, including whether you were partially at fault for the accident, whether there were any legal records or witnesses present, and if so, what they have to say. Your White Plains Slip and Fall Lawyer will also search for evidence that can help reinforce your side of the story.

3. Negotiate for a Good Settlement

If the lawyer cannot win your case, they will negotiate with the defendant to make sure you receive the best possible settlement offer.

These negotiations can occur under certain conditions; for example, if the defense attorney believes that you are partially to blame for your accident, they might not want to make a settlement offer.

If you decide to discontinue the litigation, this does not mean that you are forfeiting your right to compensation. Your injury attorney will continue to negotiate with the defendant’s legal team to ensure you receive compensation for your injuries.

4. Litigate the Case in Court

If negotiations fall through, your accident lawyer will litigate your case in court and present your side of the White Plains personal injury case to a judge or jury.

The decision handed down by a judge or a jury can significantly impact whether you receive financial compensation for your injuries, so make sure you hire the best possible lawyer who can help you win your case.

5. Track Your Medical Expenses and Lost Pay

Your attorney will also keep track of all of your medical expenses as well as lost pay from work. This information will be used as evidence when it is time to negotiate a settlement or litigate in court.

White Plains residents who have been in a slip and fall accident should immediately look for a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases. An excellent legal representative will be able to ensure that you receive the best possible compensation for your injuries, which can help make your recovery process much more manageable.