Nine style tips to become a plus-size fashionista

Maxi dresses, mid-length skirts, crop tops, or funky blazers, you name a clothing article, and today, plus-size women wear all types of dresses without caring about the world. Gone are the days when plus-size women did not have any media representation and felt left out. Today, the fashion scene has evolved, and the world now accepts women with bulgy bodies.

Plus-size women can quickly become fashionistas if they have the confidence of carrying themselves with panache. All they have to do is take care of certain elements, and they can appear on the cover page of a flashy magazine.

The key is to be confident in your skin, accept your body, and you can become a fashion icon, regardless of your body type and weight. However, taking specific points into account can enhance the style quotient. Let’s delve into some foolproof tips that will help you become a plus-size fashionista:

1. Know Your Body Type

Not all plus-size women have the same bodies; some women sport pear-shaped bodies, whereas several plus-size women have an apple-shaped body. You must be aware of your body type and should know your measurements. Remember, wearing the correct size clothing is essential to look stylish.

Numerous women are under the impression that wearing a size smaller makes them appear skinny. On the contrary, it makes them uncomfortable, which becomes evident through their body language. So, go to the plus size dresses section, choose a dress according to your body type and flaunt your style.

2. Accessorize Strategically

Accessories are women’s best friends. Earrings, handbags, or other jewelry pieces add an oomph factor to the overall look and make you appear snazzy. With a fancy maxi dress, you can wear a pair of statement earrings or a necklace. Overdoing the jewelry does not appear elegant, so stick to one accessory.

Similarly, floral prints and sneakers blend well and enhance the look. Choose your bag strategically. Crossbody bags are ideal for everyday looks, and clutches are for night events. You can play with your look and style yourself with different accessories, but remember overdoing it kills the entire look.

3. Accentuate Your Curves

Embracing your body is an essential aspect of being a fashionista. Instead of considering curves as flaws, embrace them. Wear clothing that highlights your curves. Belt was deemed necessary in older days, but it disappeared from the fashion scene. You can bring it back and use it to style yourself. Wear a belt on your mid-length dresses. Off-shoulder or one-shoulder dresses give an illusion of tall height and beautify your figure. Do not hesitate to flaunt your curves, be creative with your style and accentuate them to appear chic.

4. Go For High-quality Basics

Remember the mantra: quality over quantity. Ensure to purchase high-quality fabric as low-quality stuff appears clumsy and does not fit properly. Invest in super-quality undergarments that provide you perfect fit. Ill-fitted inner wears ruin the entire appearance and make you feel uncomfortable. Also, avoid flimsy fabric as it gives you a messy look and does not fit well.

5. Embrace Prints

Contrary to popular beliefs, women with plump bodies can easily rock prints. As a plus-size woman, choose prints considering your body type and style them in different ways. Vertical prints make you appear slimmer and take the attention away from the bottom part of the body.

Floral prints blend well with autumn and spring, and there is no reason you miss out on wearing them. Smaller prints make you appear vibrant without being too flashy. Moreover, animal prints hardly go out of fashion. You can pair a leopard printed top with denim or a giraffe printed skirt with a plain blouse. Polka dots are classy and make the wearer appear elegant.

6. Style Your Hair

While you aim to become a fashionista, do not forget to style your hair. Do not shy away from chopping your hair off and trying a new hairstyle. Curl them, straighten them or use rollers to add volume. Sport a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and can make your overall look more stylish.

Tie your hair in braids or sport a ponytail. On your lazy days, leave your hair open and make it a style. If you ever feel low on confidence because of your plump body, try a different hairstyle, and it will dramatically boost your confidence.

7. Wear Shapewear

Well-designed shapewear of appropriate material can smooth curves up and provide women with a great silhouette. On the contrary, low-quality innerwear can ruin the overall aura. Several curvy women want to invest in shapewear that conceals their unwanted skin and makes their bodies appear firm. Plus-size women can confidently wear any outfit with proper shapewear to appear chic.

While tracking down the best shapewear when a plethora of them are available in the market is cumbersome, it is even more difficult for plus-size women. It would be best not to shop online for your shapewear; try it first to see which one is ideal for your body type and purchase it to enhance your figure.

8. Find a Good Tailor

Stitching can make or break the overall aura of a dress. Find a good tailor to style your dress neatly and make you the fashion icon. A good tailor leaves no threads or loose buttons and gives your clothing a refined look.

Being a plus-size woman does not mean you can wear shapeless clothes. You may not have a defined lean body; still, your body has a shape. Fine tailoring has defined cuts and gives a classy look. Good tailoring ensures that your clothes hug all the right places and give you a neat look.

9. Bend the Fashion Rules

Fashion rules are not written in stone. Go against the wind and define your rules. The key is to carry an outfit confidently and pair them up with a smile. Be a trendsetter and bend the fashion rules. Make your fashion choices a reflection of your personality. Do not consider your body type a flaw. When you feel comfortable and confident, you exude an aura essential to becoming a fashionista.


No rule in the fashion book states that plus-size women cannot wear trendy and stylish clothes. For the longest time, the media has given the most coverage to a specific body type and has neglected plus-size women. Fortunately, things have changed, and plus-size women can now try different looks and attempt unique styles.

Although plus-size women now get some coverage in the fashion scene, still, there is a long way to go. The truth is with the right attitude and recognition of personal body type, plus size women can undoubtedly become fashionistas and give skinny women a run for their money.