How to protect your rights post any road accident scenario?

Car and motorbike accidents are so frequent that they take up most of the civil justice case ratio. These cases are of people who got into an accident and their vehicles sustained some damage. The aim of filing such events is that the victims of accidents are looking to compensate for the damages. But no one said that it’s easy to get your rights. Trying to get compensation can be a lot of trouble at times. The insurance company can make the accident your fault, downplay your physical injuries, etc. That is why most people don’t bother with claiming their rights after they get into an accident. But there are steps to take that can ensure that you get your legal rights. These steps are here down below:

1. Call the police 

The first step to protecting your rights after you get into a road accident is to call 911 or the police for an emergency dispatch. The reason is that if your property faces damages of $500 or more, you have to report it. In case of injuries or death, you, of course, need professional and medical assistance. But in case your accident doesn’t fit these criteria, it is still best to stay on the safe side and call the police. Because when you have an officer from a law enforcement agency present at the location, all documentations become much more concrete. An officer can help you in case someone tries to dispute your claims.

2. Document the incident 

We understand that at that moment, you might not be in your senses. But it is crucial to have a clear head at that time and document the incident right away. To do so, you will need to gather all the information you will need to include in the insurance claim case. It includes:

  • Documenting Injuries and damages by taking pictures of yourself, the involving personnel, vehicles, and the whole scene of the accident
  • Document name, insurance information, the contact information of the involving personnel
  • Documenting the names and contact information of the witnesses to the accident
  • Compiling notes about how the accident took place

All this information can help you during the insurance claim process. But you will still need an attorney to represent your case. Those who ride motorbikes are the ones to face such terrifying events globally. An increasing number of vehicles are affecting the number of events too. For example, Rider Justice motorcycle lawyers remain busy at all times of the year to deal with insurance claims, medical bills relaxation, and other legal matters.

3. Get a medical evaluation 

Often we leave the scene of an accident feeling like there’s nothing wrong with us. But a few hours later, complications such as torn muscles or other injuries surface. That is because, at the time of the incident, our body possesses high adrenaline. It keeps us alert and blocks the pain alerts of our brain. But once the rush subsides, all pain resurfaces, and complications that have worsened due to lack of immediate attention come to light.

Apart from the bodily examination, a doctor will also document your injuries. It is essential in insurance claim cases. As we have mentioned before, the insurance company can claim that your injuries didn’t caused by an accident, or they can downplay your injuries. Having concrete medical proof can help you win the case.

4. Do not admit your fault or discuss the case 

It is obligatory by law to exchange name, contact details, vehicle details, and insurance details with the involving personnel. But you should avoid discussing anything apart from that. So when you get into an accident, don’t discuss the details with the other person or express any emotion. Expressing regret, guilt, or remorse can be seen as an admission that you consider responsible for the accident.

On the other hand, you must hire a personal injury attorney St George Utah that can handle your case correctly. Furthermore, they can deal better with the authorities and all the legalities revolving around your road accident. However, this is not all; learn more here and find everything about how personal injury lawyers strengthen your case. So when you get into an accident, don’t discuss the details with the other person or express any emotion. Expressing regret, guilt, or remorse can be seen as an admission that you consider responsible for the accident.

The right to remain silent is your best friend in such circumstances, as anything you speak will determine your case’s outcome. The right to remain silent is to avoid any self-implication of responsibility. Try to stay silent after the accident, especially if you are unsure about whose fault it is. No one apart from the court of law can determine the fault. So if you blame or show guilt, it will be taken as a confession.

5. Consider multiple offers from the insurance company 

You are under no obligation to accept the first offer an insurance company throws your way. An insurance company will do its best to downplay the situation as much as possible. So the first offer you will receive may or may not cover your losses. You may feel like refusing the offer will rob you of this opportunity for any fraction of compensation, but that is not the case. Their settlement offers are only there so that you won’t file a lawsuit against them. A lawyer can help you tremendously in these situations by assessing the damages and guiding you about the best course of action.


Some people feel that invoking their rights is wrong or too much hassle. But these rights exist to protect the citizen from damages in a situation like these. So don’t be hesitant to make your claims whenever you get into an accident. Keep a clear head, document everything, and hire an attorney for your case. Taking the measures we have mentioned will help you compensate for the losses you faced during an accident.