Can beard growth be stimulated by special supplements?

People say that to show off your beard, the most important thing to do is to let it grow, and take care of it. Sounds logical, right? Not for nothing, the barbershop is one of the oldest businesses in the world and, even, many consider it as an art. Men with a full beard are living their best days today, but few know how essential beard products can be.

What products? You may be asking yourself this question, but do not worry. You have come to the right place. Throughout this article, we will guide you through the different aspects that concern the care of the beard. Also, we will recommend you a great beard growth supplement, which is easy to take and will make your beard look manly and thick.

We know that it is difficult to find reliable and complete information on the subject. That is why we wanted to bring you the following article to help you choose among the best supplement to enlarge the beard.

Tips for choosing the perfect beard growth supplement

To know which beard growth supplement you should buy, you should take into consideration some recommendations, such as the unique characteristics of each one:

  1. Observe the composition: It is very important that before buying a supplement you check what the ingredients on it are. Go for those that are of the natural type, since you will have great results with less harmful results that could affect your skin.
  2. Take care of the intake of the supplement: Be extremely careful with this, since you do not want to abuse the pills that you must intake of the supplement because an overdose can lead to serious secondary effects.

How do growth supplements help the result of your beard?

The supplements come with many minerals, vitamins, and other elements that, without a doubt, contribute to nourishing the skin of the follicles, stimulating the growth of facial hair as well as the maintenance of the beard. Therefore, it is undeniable that they have an extremely effective effect in the medium term for those who want to have a full and well-groomed beard.

They help hair to grow strong and resistant to day-to-day eventualities and contamination. In fact, many supplements help to have a perfect face.

What are the benefits of using a beard growth supplement?

Supplements will help you in many matters with your facial hair development, among its advantages are:

  • It helps to grow an amazing beard by enhancing the facial skin follicles.

  • It makes you have better facial skin

  • Intensifies the texture of the beard and makes it look shiny and manly.

  • The instructions and dosages are easy to follow.

  • The nutrients and vitamins help you cover the insufficiencies in your organism.

How applying products with Minoxidil will make you have a thicker beard

Many products contain Minoxidil, an approved drug for hair growth that you can use to have the beard that you always want it. These products are made for topical use so you can use them in the place where you want your beard to grow, especially where you see patches and other imperfections that you do not want.

As you may think, these products can stimulate the hair follicles on your face from the outside. However, what if we tell you that you can get even better results by using a beard growth supplement.

This is a perfect mix because the supplement will give your body all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to let your facial hair grow as you want from inside while the tonics with Minoxidil will stimulate the growing outside so you will a double effect.

Let’s quickly see how you can apply a beard tonic properly:

  • Clean your face: It is very important to have your face clean before using any kind of products like Minoxidil.

  • Use warm water: To open the pores of your facial skin you can use this water so the product can go directly to stimulate the follicles.

  • Remove excess water: Take out all the water of your beard before applying the product, for this use a clean towel

  • Take the indicated dose: Check the instructions and dose on the package of the product, and apply the correct amount of Minoxidil gently over your face.

  • Make circular movements: This will help you to get the entire product distributed over all the hair follicles on your face to grow a huge and full beard.

Tips to stimulate beard growth

The health of your beard is directly related to the health of your body in general, so take care of your body. Some things will particularly favor the growth of your beard, such as:

  • Exercise: This promotes circulation, and therefore it will reach the skin of your face better, feeding the hair follicles, which will favor the growth of your beard. Experts recommend weight-bearing exercises (such as weights) as it increases the level of testosterone in the blood. This hormone is linked to the growth of facial hair.

  • Get enough rest: While you sleep, your body regenerates its cells, promoting the growth of new hair.

  • Eating balanced: Eating correctly and healthily is one of the major secrets to growing the beard. Ditch the junk food and include enough protein, seeds, nuts, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

  • Supplement your diet: The B complex (especially Biotin or B7 and folic acid or B9) helps increase and maintain testosterone levels. Besides, they promote the production of keratin from which your hair and nails are made.

  • Alcohol and tobacco: They are the main enemies of hair growth. Alcohol reduces the levels of B vitamins in your blood and smoking reduces the blood supply to the follicles.

  • Let it grow: Your beard may grow chaotically at first. Do not worry or try to trim or shape it. Let it continue to grow for 4-6 weeks. As you do, your appearance will improve.

  • Take care of your face: Wash your face frequently to eliminate dirt and bacteria. Use moisturizing products.

  • The itch: pay little attention to it either. Once your beard has reached a certain length, the skin will get used to it, and the itch will disappear.

Find the solution for your beard with Joe’s Finest

If you are looking for a beard growth supplement that can help you get the best beard you ever had Joe’s Finest is with no doubt the greatest option on the market for you.

This product has the perfect mix of nutrients of vitamins that your entire body needs, especially the hair follicles to have your facial hair growing faster and thicker.

Advantages of using Joe’s Finest

  • This product can close gaps in the beard, making you look a manly and full beard.

  • The nutrients and vitamins in the mix can enhance the hair follicle to grow thicker and the largest hair to accomplish a perfect beard.

  • It can stimulate hair metabolism and make grow faster and stronger, providing a perfect beard look.

  • You can see results by taking Joe’s Finest pills suffering no skin irritation or greasy film that can affect your pores.

  • It counts with the perfect mix of components that made a GMP quality product, which only talks about its effectiveness and safety use.

  • Among their components, you can find vitamins, minerals, beetroot, biotin, l-cysteine, MSM, and grape seed extract. This combination allows you to grow a huge beard while it looks amazing and shiny because they will strengthen the hair follicles, making them produce high-quality facial hair.

  • As we mention before the nutrients and vitamins of this kind of product are great to work along with Minoxidil.

The results that you can see using this beard growth supplement

It will vary depending on your genetics, stress condition, and many other factors. Therefore, it is not the same for everybody, but the standard to see results using this product is after 6–8 weeks taking three pills in the morning with a free stomach.

The first signs of improvement are noticeable; however, you must give time to your beard to grow more hair before shaving it off, while you have the hair follicles producing all the components of your new facial hair.

The process takes this time because your body needs to adapt to its new situation where it has all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs, so that is why the result is variable because many men need more than others to stimulate the hair follicles.

The official website of this product also offers a risk-free try for 60 days, so if you do not see any changes in your facial hair you can get all your money back.

As you could read, Joe’s Finest is a great beard growth supplement that will help you achieve the manly and thick bread that you want to attract women, dare to use it, and look amazing. The nutrients and vitamins that are in this product will make all your facial skin follicles produce strong and thick facial hair to achieve this goal.