How An Investor Visa Can Serve As A Gateway To Italian Life

Immigration is a booming trend in the US, and countless Americans want to start afresh in the country of their dreams. Italy emerges as one of the choices destinations as it has the best of everything. You can experience a slice of Europe here, with incredible lifestyle, weather, culture, and landscapes. The education and healthcare systems are among the best in the EU, while financial opportunities thrive.

Moreover, you can claim Italian citizenship by diverse routes such as descent, marriage, and naturalization. The best thing is that you can immigrate even without being eligible by one of these routes. Italy enables aspiring immigrants to get in through an investor route. You can click on this for more details about the Italian investor visa. Let us explain how it can serve as a gateway to a dream life in Italy.

Start by investing in Italy

Getting in with an investor visa is the easiest because you need not do much to qualify. You can move into the country without ancestral ties, marriage to an Italian, or long-term residence for naturalization. An investor visa lets you buy Italian residence by investing here. You even have different options to invest, depending on your capacity and preferences. You can choose either of the following investment options:

  • An innovative startup in Italy- €250,000
  • An Italian company- €500,000
  • A donation to a public project- €1 million
  • Government bonds- €2 million

Apart from investing in one of these options, you only have to be over 18 years of age and have a good state of health and a clean police record to qualify.

Get Italian residence with a hassle-free process

After deciding your investment option, you only need to follow a hassle-free process to get an Italian residence. You need not even bring the money beforehand, as the process requires you to provide proof of valid funds. You have to get a nulla osta (no-impediment certificate) with the funding proof and apply for your investor visa thereafter. After landing in Italy with an investor visa, you can obtain residence status. It is only at this stage when you have to bring the funds for the committed investment. The process takes hardly a few months, and you can bring your family along to begin a new life in Italy.

Open the citizenship opportunities

The best thing about an Italian investor visa is that it opens up citizenship opportunities in the long run. You get a temporary residence permit for two years to start with, A subsequent renewal comes for three years, and it converts to permanent residence after five years. Eventually, you can apply for citizenship by naturalization after ten years in the country. Although the journey takes a decade, you can get the rights of a citizen and pass them on to the next generations.

An investor visa is your first step to Italian life, even if you do not qualify for citizenship through the conventional routes. Stay on track, and you can live here forever!