Basic rules you should teach your son for his first date

Hormones will not let your son rest. His eyes will always see a girl that makes his stomach flutter and his heartbeat fast suddenly. Soon enough, he would want a relationship with her and that would open up the first step: dating. Dating, if done rightly, can help your son get the type of girl he wants. However, as a father, especially if your son is looking up to you for guidance, it is important to update your knowledge with regards to dating and not try to give him tips from what you did while trying to win the heart of his mom. Today’s modern dating method looks nothing like it was ten years ago. Hence, your style could seem completely out-dated, old-fashioned, and classless for the lady involved. Here are the basic rules to teach your son for his first date:

Be on time: Your son should never keep a girl waiting on the first date

He should be minutes ahead of her at the proposed venue. Lateness is a sign of immaturity and irresponsibility. Except it is an emergency case, your son should never appear late. In cases where he cannot afford to be late, he should put a call through to her to inform her of the situation. This will help her be at peace.

Appear clean

Advising your son on how to go on his first date has been an important father-son tradition. Knowing it is important to keep father-sons traditions such as teaching your son how to tie a tie. You should also be involved in guiding him to choose the right attire and how to appear. Women detest men who are dirty and smell badly. Naturally, a woman will try her best to dress well for the first date. She would want to appear in a lovely state just to please her date. It is only right that she would expect her date to do the same. Tell your son to ensure that everything about him is sparkling clean on his first date. Some sprays of cologne will be helpful too.

Buy the girl something

It is not advisable to go on a date empty-handed. A bouquet or a box of chocolates or both will do. Being generous on a first date will help your son get the girl. No woman wants to date a stingy guy, it is every woman’s dream to get a guy that spoils her with love and gift.

Employ all the manners he knows

Nothing turns off a woman more than a manner less man. Women are creatures who love to uphold the morals of whatever they are involved in, and they will appreciate that their partners do the same. Walking manners, talking manners, table manners, etc. your son should never forget them. For instance, it will be a disaster if he laughs loud with food in his mouth or burps loudly in the middle of a conversation.

Pay the bills

Although it is advised that a woman goes to a date with her own money and not rely on the guy, it is within your son’s duty to pay the bill for everything they do on the first date. He can be tactical about this, however. For instance, if he doesn’t have much money, he can suggest they go to a lowbrow restaurant instead of a high-cost one to avoid disgrace.

Make the conversation interesting

To get a girl, you need to connect with her heart. One major way you can do that is by getting her excited in what you say. Your son needs to find areas of interest for both of them and spark up brilliant conversations about it. A women’s heart will naturally endear towards a man who has a brilliant mind.

No attempt to touch except the girl agrees: tell your son to never attempt to touch a girl on a first date except if she agrees to it. Without her consent, any attempt at physical touch can be considered a form of molestation. You do not want your son to be charged with sexual assault because he tried to kiss the girl without her consent on a date.

Be pleasant and charming

Tell your son to put on his charms. A man who is not pleasant and charming cannot get a girl’s heart. In everything he does, your son should leave the girl charmed. There should be no occasion for quarrel or fights. If the conversation is getting heated, it is best he stops it and they move on to other graceful things.