Are Yard Signs Effective Advertising?

You are looking for a way to advertise yourself, whether as a politician or for a business venture of yours or a service, like pest control. There are many choices to pick from – advertising, commercials, billboards … and yard signs? While it may seem like a quaint thing that people see in the suburbs, it is something that can reap great benefits for those who use them.

We are here to answer the question: Are Yard Signs Effective Advertising? Here are some reasons why they are.

They Reach the Audience of Those Who Live Nearby

Let us imagine that someone is running to be in a political position in a certain district, like a Council seat. They know exactly how many people live in that radius and they want to get their message out. So, they could have their supporters put yard signs on their own lawns. If there is a lot of foot traffic in that area, then that could plant a seed in the minds of those who are passing by. Those people could also live in the same district or know someone that does and is uncertain about what direction they are going with their vote.

They Are Not Expensive

When it comes to marketing, budgeting can play a big part in what can or can’t be done. Yard signs are a relatively inexpensive option compared to having to pay for things like commercials or large billboards. You cannot be certain that this would be a good investment compared to the lawn signs. You could be saving a lot of money and winding up with more business overall. That makes it an excellent low-risk, high-reward choice.

They Are Excellent for Brand Awareness

Getting your brand out is the name of the game, whether it is in advertising, social media, or even politics. You want people to know who you are. If you have a consistent look and message on your lawn signs, then people will start to recognize them the more that they see them. Then, when they see them, they will think of you. That could lead to their reaching out to you about whatever it is you offer, or to vote for you.

They Can Lure Customers

If you offer a service that is in high demand in a certain area, then having a yard sign could be a really good thing. Like if you are in a senior citizen neighborhood, then you might offer something like food delivery or grocery delivery, especially if you are in a place where larger delivery services might not be available. If relatives of those senior citizens see the signs, they might be inclined to contact you to set up a regular delivery schedule. It’s always good to know your area.

They Can Achieve the Rule of Seven

This is not a hard-and-fast rule, and it may not be entirely provable, but there is a train of thought where people need to see something seven times to really have it seep in and open their minds to the possibility of something. Your yard sign can function as that signal for you, especially if it is in a place where people pass by it often, even a couple of times a day. It is an idea that is worth pursuing.

What Are Some Good Uses for Custom Yard Signs?

Here are some fields that you could work in that could benefit from these yard signs:

  • Home Services – Did you recently do a job for someone? You could put up a sign about what you did for them on their lawn. That could attract the attention of their neighbors around them and lure business.
  • Real Estate – Are you a real estate agent? You could put up signs about recent sales in the area. That could get more potential buyers or sellers in your area to contact you.
  • Contractors – Do you offer services? If you are looking for clients, they could find you through your lawn signs.
  • New Business Opening – Are you opening a new store? Let people in the neighborhood know that you are there and that you will welcome their business.
  • Sales – Are you running a sale? Make a yard sign and show people what deals you have to offer.
  • Festivals – Are you having a festival or a fair coming up? Shine a spotlight on it with a yard sign in the

Like everything else in life, nothing is perfect. There are risks to using lawn signs. Especially if you are running a political campaign. You could be using money on the lawn signs that you might be paying members of your campaign. Those people could be knocking on doors instead. That could make a difference in you winning or losing. You might also be devoting money to your business that you might otherwise spend on improving things.

But if you find that the positives far outweigh the negatives, then you want to find a company that makes custom business signs. Like ours. We have a fast turnaround time and are as competitive as a business and a government contractor. Our signs are extremely high quality, and they are MUTCD-compliant. We are also a business owned and run by women. Contact us today.