Actionable Investor Visa Guide For Moving To Italy With Your Family

Family immigration may sound more challenging than relocating alone because of the expense and legal complexities it involves. But choosing Italy as your destination gets you in a good place even if you plan to relocate with your clan. You can explore the citizenship routes like descent, marriage, and naturalization. Alternatively, you may leverage the investor visa route if you do not qualify for the citizenship alternatives. But you may have some qualms about the investment part. Experts in the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC have some valuable insights to address your doubt and apprehension. Here is an actionable investor visa guide you can rely on to pursue family immigration confidently.

A single investment covers everyone

The investor visa route is essentially about bringing in a hefty investment as an immigrant. Bringing funds for a family of four or five sounds backbreaking to anyone, but things are easy with an Italian investor visa. Only the primary applicant has to bring the required funds, and the remaining members can join without additional investment. The best part is that you can enter with a minimal funding of €250,000 instead of millions.

Proof of ability to support your clan is enough

Knowing that Italy is an affordable destination for family immigration can give you peace of mind. You do not even need to get the funds until you land in the country and start a new life as an immigrant. But you have to show proof of funds validating your investment capacity in the first place. Most importantly, you need to provide valid proof of income to show that you can support your tribe after moving to Italy.

Everyone qualifies a for a residence permit

Another fact you must know about family immigration with the Italian investor visa is that it makes everyone in your clan eligible for a residence permit. You can obtain them right after entering Italy and submitting your documents at the local police headquarters. But remember to have the committed funds at hand because you must deposit them within three months of getting the residence permit. Once you do it, everyone in your clan gets access to residency benefits such as the freedom to live and work in Italy, travel visa-free across the EU, and access the healthcare and education facilities.

Citizenship for your loved ones

The best part of leveraging the Italian investor visa route to relocate with your family is that you get citizenship for your loved ones after completing a decade in the country. The only clause is to retain the initial funding throughout this time. It is a small price for one of the most powerful passports for yourself and everyone else in your family. But it is advisable to seek guidance from an expert as the laws related to renewals of residence permits and citizenship by naturalization are complex.

Moving to Italy with your family need not be a daunting prospect, provided you get in legally and through the right process. The Italian investor visa is your golden ticket to Italian residence and citizenship in the long run.