5 reasons you should use e-liquids instead of cigarettes

Nearly 1 million people have quit smoking since the first UK lockdown, according to the latest data.

Even before that, the number of smokers in the UK has been in decline.

Between 2011 and 2019, almost two million people kicked their tobacco habit.

But quitting isn’t easy and you need all the help you can get.

One of the most effective ways to quit smoking is through Nicotine Replacement Therapy using vapes and e-cigarettes.

The e-liquids in vapes don’t contain many of the harmful chemicals and toxins you find in regular cigarettes.

Plus, they come in different nicotine strengths – so you can more easily control the levels of nicotine you take in.

Because of that they’re a highly effective way of quitting smoking.

But they’re not just a stop smoking tool.

They’re an enjoyable product in their own right and are a great alternative to cigarettes.

If you’re still not sure about why you should use e-liquids over cigarettes, keep reading.

1. It’s a lot safer

It’s well known that cigarettes aren’t good for you.

The chemicals in them can cause major and long-lasting health problems in the lungs and heart.

Regular cigarettes contain 7,000 toxins, with around 250 of them being very harmful, 69 of them have been proven to cause forms of cancer.

E-liquids don’t contain these same harmful toxins.

2. They don’t smell

Anyone who’s been a smoker, or been around one, knows cigarettes don’t smell the best.

The smell can stick around on your clothes, in your hair and on your breath, which can often give smokers the push to quit.

With vaping, you can still get your nicotine fix without the horrible smell.

The smell of vaping depends on the e-liquid you use, so it could be anything from aniseed to blackcurrant.

This means they’re not only better for you but also those around you.

3. You can control nicotine levels

When you first decide to quit smoking and move to vaping, you can start off with a high strength of nicotine to minimise withdrawal symptoms.

You can then reduce the strength depending on your cravings.

If you smoked a lot very regularly, you can start off on an e-liquid with a high nicotine strength.

When you notice yourself reaching for your vape less often, you can reduce the strength.

Eventually, when you don’t have as many cravings, you can use an e-liquid with little to no nicotine in it as and when you feel you need it.

4. They’re loads cheaper

Even if you only smoke a few cigarettes a day, you still have to purchase packs regularly.

The money you spend each week on cigarettes can add up to a surprising amount.

The average smoker spends almost £2,000 on cigarettes each year.

Using vape sticks and e-liquids is not only a safer alternative, it’s also a lot cheaper.

Once you buy a vape stick, all you need to repurchase is the e-liquid and you can often buy these in multipacks to save money.

5. You can get different flavours

Regular cigarettes only have one flavour, which just creates a burning taste in the back of your throat.

Since menthol cigarettes became illegal, there isn’t much choice on flavour.

E-liquids come in a variety of flavours to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find one you like.

If you’re trying to quit smoking this is a good thing, as you can find a flavour you like and stick with it, while gradually reducing the nicotine strength.

Because of this they tend to be more effective than sprays and patches, as they’re more enjoyable to use.

Even if you don’t want to use vapes as a stop smoking aid, the taste of raspberry or coffee in the back of your throat has got to be better than burning ash – doesn’t it?

Where should I go for my e-liquid?

Without high quality e-liquid, your vaping experience won’t be an enjoyable one.

Whether you’re replacing smoking or using vapes to try and quit, you should go to a specialist e-liquid provider.

Specialists know all about the products they sell so can help you find something you’ll like.

They can also give you advice on how the products work, including how to put e-liquid into your vape stick and how and when to reduce your nicotine levels.