4 Great Design Degree Options to Consider

The field of design is far-reaching and encompasses many different kinds of jobs and career paths. If you’re a creative person and have always wondered whether your creative and artistic passions can be lucrative enough to make a living, consider pursuing one of these four great degrees in design so you can pursue work that you love to do. 

Graphic Design 

Graphic design is perhaps the first degree that comes to mind for most people when considering the broad field of design. This design degree prepares people to communicate creatively to specific audiences and in specific ways that are effective and yield intentional results. Whether ads, logos, flyers or packaging, just about every piece of professionally produced communication that you see is the work of graphic designers. Because their work can be applied to so many situations, graphic designers are needed in just about every sector of the economy and can work as employees of businesses or simply as freelance contractors. 


Another degree that heavily incorporates design is architecture. While the title of this degree doesn’t mention design directly, a degree in architecture brings creative design together with the many technicalities involved in successfully planning buildings and spaces of all kinds. Architects are an integral part of ensuring that facilities and homes are both safe and functional, and they also have a big say in the aesthetic aspect of construction. Some architects specialize more in the design side of things while others are stronger in the technical parts of the job (like keeping things within code, for example). 

Interior Design 

If you’ve ever enjoyed the interior aesthetic of a restaurant or other place of business, you have seen the fruit of the labor that goes into interior design. Interior designers make spaces of all kinds both functional and beautiful, working with clients to achieve the desired look and feel for their home or professional setting. Everything makes a difference, so interior designers have to understand how lighting, colors, shapes, materials and other aspects of interior design affect the overall appearance of the space they’re working with. 

Product Design 

product design degree is for those who want to combine their strong imagination with technical understanding so they can help solve problems in various industries. The role of a product designer is vital for businesses to tackle many of their goals and the challenges they run into, from generating income to building more of a moat between them and their competitors. Creating products that improve the world around you can be a really fulfilling job, and it can also be financially lucrative for those who excel in this field. 

These four design degrees are only a few of the educational opportunities and careers that exist for creatives and artists alike. Taking some time to look into them can not only help you decide if one of them is right for you but can also help point you in the direction of other career paths you might be interested in under the umbrella of design.