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Online casinos attract players for many reasons. Although the opportunity to make money takes the lead of these factors, bonus offers and promotions are also a big factor in the decision-making mind of players. There are so many casinos with different gifts and one of the common ones out there is the no deposit bonus. So what is a no deposit bonus? how is it obtained? What are the terms and conditions? Are there specific mobile applications that offer it? All this will be explained in the next few sentences but before then, why not take a look at

What Are No Deposit Offers?

It is just a type of offer that casinos give and do not expect anything in return for, you do not have to make a deposit, you also do not have to make an initial payment. All you need to do is register at a casino that offers no deposit bonus, read the terms and conditions if there is a bonus code, use it and get your bonus. The only thing that may look difficult about the no deposit bonus is the wagering requirements, which may be on the high side.

Wagering Requirements

Online Bonus Offers are not given on the terms of the player, they are usually given on the terms of the casino. One of the important things to take note of when you aim to get gifts from online casinos is the wagering requirements. Concerning wagering requirements, a player has to use the bonus given in the number of times required by the casino. This means that the equivalent of the bonus you’re going to get must be used to play by you for 20 times, or 30 times or 40. Only a few casinos set their wager higher than that. Wagering and bonus codes usually cover terms and conditions.

Types of No Deposit Offer

There are two types of no deposit bonus offers. One of them is Cashable and the other is Non-Cashable. The Non-Cashable No Deposit bonus offer is also called a “sticky bonus offer”. Cashable means players can choose to withdraw their winnings with the bonus after meeting all requirements while for the non-cashable, you cannot withdraw the bonus given, you can only take out your winnings. The gift you were given at a casino can only be spent on the casino, but of course, your winning is yours.


The summary of all is that there is a bonus offer at casinos that you can win, especially as a new player, and pay nothing for. No initial deposits, no commission payment. All you do to get it is register at the casino and play your favourite games. If you’re lucky to win while using the bonus, good for you. If not, you’ll try again after all there’s no harm I’m trying, yeah?. However, take a good look at the casinos you’re trying out and make sure they offer no deposit bonuses. Remember that’s the reason you’re visiting the casino in the first place.