How To Make Your Guys’ Getaway Camping Trip Bigger and Badder

We’ll drink to that!

What are Saturdays for?!

I can’t hear you—I said what are Saturdays for?!

That’s right! Saturdays are for the boys!

Do you know what’s better than boys’ night on Saturday, though? I’ll bet you can’t guess. … Right again! It’s a boys’ weekend! Or even a boys’ week—or longer. Why just have Saturday for the boys when you can have Sunday too? Or a whole week? Or maybe even longer? (Is anyone else getting schoolies flashbacks now?)

Brainstorm with us: what’s the manliest way to extend boys’ night into boys’ weekend (or week, depending on your stamina and schedules)? There may be a few ways, but we think camping is most fitting. We’re not talking glamping or slumber parties, which our female companions love so much. No: we’re talking good old-fashioned, rough-and-tumble camping spots —perhaps even rougher than that.

How can you make your guys’ getaway camping trip bigger and badder than ever? We have a few ideas. Check ‘em out.

Get a 10-man tent!

If we’re going to dial your guys’ getaway up to 11, why not start with the most obvious thing? Go the whole hog and get a 10-man tent!

Back in the day, larger tents were available—albeit at the expense of extra features and aesthetic design. Nowadays, you can grab 10-man tents sporting all of the above.

Get a 10-man tent!

Don’t need a 10-man tent? There are also four-man tents available. In fact, there are tents out there to suit all of your needs. Whether you’ve chosen camping over cabins or intend to venture off the grid, just search the market until you’ve found your perfect fit.

Need your own space? A smart alternative to this is to use the 10-man-ner as a party room of sorts. Bring in some blow-up couches, crack open the esky, and let your guys’ getaway get going! Then you can return to your separate tents after a ripper of a night.

Fire up the…well, fire

How do you normally light up a fire? With a standard set of matches and some firewood? This is okay, but let’s turn up the heat a bit.

Typhoon Matches are just like regular matches…only they can burn for up to half a minute and are more or less windproof. They’re also designed for outdoor use, coming in a waterproof box. Would you believe that even the flame is waterproof? Yep: light these babies in the rain and watch them burn. Drop these babies in the LAKE and watch them burn. All they need to keep alight is their built-in phosphorus!

Fire up the...well, fire

Although we could go full tribal and recommend starting a fire via two sticks rubbing together, these Typhoon Matches are bigger and badder than any other fire-making methods we know of.

Go axe-crazy!

Full disclaimer: when we say ‘axe-crazy’, we’re not talking a full ‘here’s Johnny!’ moment.

Have you ever thrown anything at a large target or tree? You’re probably imaging horseshoes or even bow-and-arrow play.

If you want to turn things up a notch, why not use actual axes? This isn’t uncommon. Just ensure that there is a clear lane and that the throwers are thoroughly distanced. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt!

Go axe-crazy!

Shorten cleanup time

Don’t let the dishes drag down your guys’ getaway. The Lunatec Aquabot speeds up this process! Use it to spray your dishes free of leftover food. This is also handy for spraying mud from boots or sand from feet. Alternatively, you could use it as a drink bottle…or for spraying your friends unawares if you’re feeling particularly wicked.