9 Common online dating mistakes guys make

Everyone’s online dating experience is different, so there is no script to be followed if you want to get things right. However, when it comes to mistakes and online dating pitfalls, no one is spared. These rookie moves will make your search for love a lot harder than it needs to be and should, therefore, be avoided.

Below are 9 things you are doing wrong with online dating.

Trying too hard to impress with your photos

No one on online dating apps likes a show-off. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements. However, making them the center of your profile makes it seem like you are trying too hard. So, switch that photo of you in your Ferrari for something casual that allows potential partners to appreciate the rest of you.

Group photos for profile

That photo you took with the guys that one summer might be your favorite but no one has time to play Find Waldo on your profile. There is also the chance that someone might click on your profile thinking you were someone else only to get disappointed. So, no, group photos are never a good idea.

Sharing too much information

Many dating app users find it difficult to draw the line between honest sharing and risky openness. Do not fall into this trap. To be on the safe side, keep all sensitive information to yourself. That includes everything from nude photos to financial details. It doesn’t matter how well you think you trust this person.

Giving too much of yourself

Some premium online dating app like Amolatina  have special features that allow you to send your love interest gifts. That is a truly romantic act, and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of this avenue. However, it is important for you to avoid being an excessive giver especially when you are receiving nothing in return. There is nothing wrong with being generous but there are people out there just waiting to take advantage of your good heart. Do not give them that chance.

Starting a conversation you can’t finish

Why on earth would you text your new match just before you start your long drive or you get into that meeting? You risk leaving them hanging as long as you are unavailable which makes things a little awkward. So try not to strike up a conversation unless you have the time to see it through.

Entertaining everyone who makes a move

You do not owe anyone anything with online dating. Therefore, you do not need to reply to every text, answer every call or agree to every date proposal you get. It might seem a little hard turning down all that attention but remember that in the end there can only be one. So you better start letting them go early and saving your time.

Getting too close too fast

Online dating provides an accelerated atmosphere where relationships tend to progress pretty fast. However, this is not an excuse for you to be confessing your love and sending airfare to your new future wife one week after matching. Get to know people you are interested in and take as much time as is needed for them to earn your trust.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

That is not a personality flaw, but it is still something that will cost you big with online dating. Poor grammar happens to be one of the most common pet peeves there is. So if you want to find love on a dating app, you might want to take a minute to proofread your email or text before you hit that send button.

Getting stuck in the online bubble

That is probably the biggest mistake that most amolatina.com users make. Please do not forget that you live in the real world. That means that maintaining a relationship formed online requires actual offline interaction. The most important thing is to figure out when is the best time actually to meet up in person. Which of course differs from couple to couple. If the distance is not too big of an issue, a few weeks or a month should be enough time.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a first time online dater or you are back for more after a few unsuccessful rounds. These nine mistakes are completely inexcusable. You are free to do your own thing and follow your own script in this game. Just make sure that none of the mistakes highlighted feature in your game plan to find happily ever after online.