5 reasons to play rummy during lockdown

Pandemic and lockdown was a very challenging period for everyone. No one was prepared for this lockdown. However, when we were supposed to be at home, we could have fun with a lot of things. One such thing is playing rummy. Rummy is a very fun and popular card game. There are various variations for playing rummy.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons that you must play rummy in lockdown.

Reasons to play rummy in lockdown

Following are the reasons for playing rummy in lockdown-

1. Exciting rummy variants

There are many variants in which you can play the rummy game. Different people also customize the rules of the online cash games according to their fun. You can also play online rummy games in different variants like pool rummy, points rummy, and deal rummy. Online rummy games also offer you many cash prizes that you can win.

2. Familiar and favorite card game of all times

Another very good reason to play rummy in lockdown is that it is a very familiar card game. There would hardly be anyone who will not know this game, otherwise, almost everyone knows how to play this game.  Hence it makes it a very nice option to play with your friends and family.

3. Simple and easy to learn rules

Rummy has very simple and quick rules to learn. A wide group of people from almost all age groups love to play this game for various reasons like recreation and also for cash prizes in festive gatherings or get-togethers. You can also learn to play rummy games by participating in various online rummy games and tournaments.

4. Safe and secure gaming

Rummy games are very safe and secure to play like there is no harm of gambling in rummy games. Even in online games, you can play rummy for cash rewards but it will never turn into gambling as rummy games offer very safe, secure, and responsible gaming.

5. Incentives

Online rummy gaming offers many incentives that encourage you to engage more in rummy games. These incentives include various cashback offers, loyalty rewards programs, bonus money, etc. These types of rewards and benefits motivate you to be more engaged in these types of games.


These types of money and cash games are gaining a lot of popularity and fame. Online rummy games allow various players from all around the world to compete on a single platform for healthy interaction and socialization. There are a lot of perks and benefits of playing this rummy game online and even offline with your friends and family too. The main reasons that contribute to making this game favorite in times of pandemic and lockdown are various exciting rummy game variants, familiarity among millennials, simple and easy to learn rules of this game, safe and secure gaming environment, and above all the incentives that you can get by playing these games. Hence, in light of all the above reasons, this game was the most popular in times of lockdown.