Why Are Climbing Frames So Good For A Childs Development

 Children are the light and joy we see in ourselves and the world and I wish nothing more for that light to shine continuously. The youngsters and youth of today need to be nurtured, guided, and advised on how to be the best version of themselves possible, and their development is essential for a brighter future.

When we talk about a child’s development we tend to think of them growing up from baby to adult stage and doing the usual 9-5 rat race and commute to work, but it is much deeper than that. The foundation of growing up plays an integral part in their personalities and is something we can have a hand in molding.

Playing, laughing, and having fun is a great way for children to learn life lessons, push themselves mentally, and become socially comfortable in various settings. We don’t necessarily need to buy them the latest toys each week or sit them in front of an electronic for hours on end, there is something better. We are talking about the traditional means of entertainment we knew growing up, climbing frames.

What are they and why do kids need them

Learning more about why these large constructions, climbing frames are pivotal steppingstones in a child’s world will help you discover and ultimately conclude on whether this summer’s purchase is going to be a good addition to the garden. You can go to this link to know more about climbing frames https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/climbing-frame

You may think it is simply a colorful wooden structure that needs a significant amount of space to be functional, but as we look further into it we see how beneficial this simplicity can be for a child. Let’s see what some of those are and help you better decide if this is something your children would enjoy (even the adults enjoy them to be fair).


  • Children can be quite active naturally choosing to run from spot to spot when a walk will suffice, yet the finer motor skills and strength are what take climbing frames to the next level.

When they are on these frames they need to pull themselves up from one area to the next increasing and improving on bodyweight muscle strength. Or gripping onto ropes to keep balanced or hold on for dear life so as not fall into the ‘lava,’ these fine muscles and tendons are made stronger all the while having fun.

  • Climbing promotes overall physical improvement with kids increasing blood flow to all vital organs and around the body as they move and jump, they become more flexible and ‘stretchy’ and their coordination is better too.

Heart health as it were is extremely important for proper development, some more information on it in this link and a deeper insight into the topic, but for the most part, it sets the tone for the regulation and functioning maintenance of their internal systems. Who knew that the creation of a frame that you climb would have so many advantages.

  • A big component is the thinking-skills element that comes from knowing which stage to move to in the game on the frame so as not to get caught, or to be closer to the ‘safe-zone.’ It could be small choices but a thought has to go into them and this builds as they get more skilled and the game becomes more complex.
  • Body awareness is something learned from experience, similar to learning to walk where the child has to be aware of which foot is where and the special difference needed to remain upright. On a climbing frame, this is now seen in kids stretching and reaching for the next handhold to climb up or sinking feet into holes to get more leverage to jump, small things having a big impact.

Finding the right climbing frame for your home is as exciting as it is daunting, not knowing which is the right size or suitability for your children can be overwhelming, but companies such as Adventure Climbing Frames Ireland could be one of the answer to your questions.

Getting guidance and advice from industry professionals can do the world of good, and before you know it you are having the perfect frame installed and your house is now the go-to in the village for all the kids. What more could you want.