My Learning Experience and Understanding of PMP

The whole PMP training course, including the teacher’s teaching, course materials, and services of SPOTO are very good.

I think the teacher’s lectures are very good and vivid. After listening to a few classes, I found that a lot of things are not the same as when I did the project myself. There may be some differences between the content of PMP and the actual operation. There may be some differences between people who have done projects and those who have not. For example, if we have done projects before, there is some knowledge that we can’t react in time, that is, the ideas in PMP are different.

In the whole learning process, I think reading is particularly important because there are some differences between the contents of PMBOK and the actual operation of our projects. Therefore, we should not only rely on our own experience to do the problems, but must understand the knowledge points in the books, and then do the problems.

After learning PMP, I think it is very helpful for me.

First, my understanding of the five process groups and ten knowledge areas of PMP has been greatly improved. I used to know them simply, but now I have a deeper understanding. Each process includes what works, I will do a more in-depth comparison with some of my own project experience, and clearly know what needs to be done in each stage and how to do better.

Second, there is some knowledge, such as stakeholder and change management. In the past, we were weaker when we were working on projects, maybe we only had a shallow understanding. Now we have a deeper understanding of these aspects, and we find that these aspects are actually quite important.

Third, there is some knowledge that breaks my previous ideas, such as when the kick-off meeting will be held, which are different from our previous actual operation process. There are many similar problems, which indicate that we may not have done so well when we did the project before.

Fourth, through the study of the PMP knowledge system, I have a strong foundation in communicating with customers about project management, after all, I have learned professional project management knowledge and passed PMP certification, so I can guide and convey some project management knowledge to customers. In fact, these are very helpful for us to do projects because many customers are not particularly clear about project management. If we have carried out relevant professional training, we can more guide customers to develop project management effectively.