Capable Men is a blogging platform which discusses personal development strategy and male related issues within the context of our current global culture. We aim to provide various different view points to some of life’s core issues and encourage you to draw your own conclusions.


To promote the concept of personal sovereignty for men through philosophical discussions and pragmatic solutions.


Personal Sovereignty is the journey of taking control of your own environment by determining your own direction in life. When we’re all born, we arrive at a random location on this earth that has predetermined values, concepts, beliefs and rules that you must abide by in order to conform and coexist within society. This situation alone, will result in countless people the world over, living out the rest of their days without questioning such concepts, without understanding the arbitrary, inconsistent nature of human-made rules that are often in place to protect entrenched power structures rather than contributing to the wellbeing of humanity. Family and personal social circles will typically entrench themselves to a specific way of thinking, often resulting in unyielding pressure for you to play along to coexist in relative peace.

Personal Sovereignty demands a new outlook of the world through critical thinking and objective reasoning from henceforth. Furthermore we must be open to the idea that many of our current values and beliefs could be objectively untrue due to localised bias. If you lack control of your environment and hold beliefs that have undergone inadequate scrutiny, you’ve ceded power to other people. To provide an example; If any of you are faithful towards a specific god, how did you decide upon your religion? Did you put faith into the religion that your family or country follows without considering any others? If so, you would certainly not be alone. But there is a fundamental problem with this type of blind allegiance. There are thousands of religions on this earth, and you’ve offered a complete submission of the mind to social conditioning with little resistance.

Personal Sovereignty isn’t a call for individualism. You can eventually choose your tribe, flag, or creed. But our journey must begin within, with yourself and you alone.

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